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Austin officials to see F1 racing in England; city taxpayers get $5,556 bill atx http://ping.fm/ep88g (via @fmashhood)

Fmr. El Paso County commissioner known as ‘Godfather’ to plead guilty in marijuana trafficking case http://ow.ly/bV5vt (via @AChavezEPTimes)

Houston ISD investigation into missing documents 2 months overdue http://ping.fm/bC2JV hisd hounews

Trophy Club utility district official must disclose interest in tech contract dfw fortworth http://ping.fm/JNi78

Astrodome options would create as many as 2,221 jobs: Consultant’s report. Cost per job $122K to $3.6m. hctx http://ping.fm/8HKES

Trophy Club utility district official has conflict of interest in tech contract, complaint alleges dfw fortworth http://ping.fm/Afaiv

Junket or fact-finding trip? Travis Co. officials to attend F1 race in England (via @fmashhood) http://ping.fm/GyAEK

Victoria ISD hires new superintendent, says financial outlook good despite state reductions http://ow.ly/bLGlV schools education

A field of dreams and a $55K bill for users of Houston airport, HAS spends $55K on employee baseball field http://ping.fm/q2bZ9 hounews

What about your wallet? See est. property tax increase to pay for $1.9 billion hisd bond here http://ow.ly/bLhQP taxes